Medical infrared imaging

This is a medical infrared imaging device that diagnoses abnormal areas by color-imaging minute changes in body heat due to inflammation and blood circulation disorders in pain areas and other disease areas by detecting infrared rays naturally emitted from the human body with the latest full-digital method that adopts the latest signal processing technology (Category No.: A21030.01 [2]).


Non-invasive method

It adopts a non-invasive method that is safe for the human body, so it can be used for measurement in children and pregnant women; repeated tests are also possible.


The correlation rate of clinical diagnosis with other diagnostic test methods is high, and the diagnosis accuracy is more than 93%.


By diagnosing the pain area, form of pain distribution, and cold fever, the patient’s pain can be objectively visualized and evaluated, measured, and diagnosed. It helps increase profitability.

Automatic adjustment

The lifter moves the camera according to the patient’s height as an automatic height adjustment device is provided. Picture 18

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