Through the use of DXA, which is known to be the most accurate technology for measuring osteoporosis and obesity in the human body, it accurately analyzes and provides the results of body composition (bone, fat, muscle) of experimental animals.


Bone density and body composition can be accurately measured from as small as 10 to 500 g of small experimental animals (e.g., mice, lemmings, rats) to 500 g to 3000 g of large experimental animals (e.g., rabbits, guinea pigs, cats).

Radiation blocking

Lead shielding inside effectively blocks radiation even without a separate shielding. 


30 ROIs (Region Of Interest) and 10 XROIs (excluding ROI) can be selected, and each analysis value can be displayed by directly selecting the ROI of a specific area; it can also remove the desired area using XROI, display the resulting values, and analyze them.

Check inside

You can check the internal condition while scanning through the observation camera installed inside the device.

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InAlyzer AIR