InAlyzer AIR not only adopts the world’s first open design (design patent) to express a neat design; through the use of mechanical design technology, it moves the X-ray detector during scanning to minimize the error range due to vibration and maintain the best precision.


Using a 64-channel dual-energy X-ray detector based on fan-beam technology, 64 rows of data are obtained per X-ray irradiation. It provides high-quality images by collecting high-resolution data in less time than before. Photo


The external structure was minimized (1850mm x 800mm) and the scan area was maximized (490mm x 900mm) for patient movement and hospital space efficiency.


User-friendly software configuration and easy ROI (region of interest) function are provided for convenient and accurate measurement. In addition, through self-diagnosis, users can always get accurate results by maintaining the performance of their equipment.

DR Image
BMD Image

DR image

By providing the only DR image in Korea, to make diagnosis easier, the satisfaction of users has been improved.

DR Image
BMD Image

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InAlyzer AIR